Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Girl

is starting kindergarten in about a week.

Look at her - she's so sweet.  My heart.

And I haven't even gotten a letter from school yet, to tell me what supplies to buy, what teacher to meet, which classroom is hers.  This is not an auspicious start for any school year, especially for a thrifty mother who needs time to shop carefully for the crazy supplies I imagine are required.

At least I have laid in uniform supplies all summer long, snatching up uniforms on sales and in thrift stores.

It's time to prepare my heart (is it possible?) for my oldest to start school.


Deanna Beth said...

Anyone who knows me knows that if there is crying to be done, I will do the crying. But it never occurs to me to cry on the first day of school. It's always been a positive place for them, where they feel great about themselves, so why would I rob them of that? Hoping for the same for you.

Now, please, what is going on with her feet in that picture?

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Yes, your are going to have to tell us what is going on with her feet. Are those jelly bands?

I hope she has a great first day of Kindergarden. Such an exciting time. And, oh how nice that you have already prepared for those uniforms! That expense sure can slip up on one quickly. Several weeks ago, my Sister found polo shirts for her boys at Gymboree on- line for $5.00 a piece. That is a steal for her because no one carries their school colors except them!

Enjoy your day!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

You can't prepare your heart... but I will say that the dreaded anticipation of a new stage is usually worse than the reality of it. God gives each of us the grace...

If G needs crayons please let me know. I'll mail you several boxes from my 25-cent stockpile. The school supplies are still on sale around here; I hope it's that way in your neck of the woods.

Margo said...

DB, I'm sad at how time flies, at the changing of the seasons in my life. It's like a miniature empty-nest. . . but I do acknowledge the joy of the child starting school. It's a bright, shiny world for them.

Genevieve's feet: a band from her potholder loom that she looped around like that. Reminds me of toe sandals. It also cracked me up because her feet are so dirty.

Beth said...

Margo...such sweetness. Bittersweetness, really, isn't it? I think your heart IS ready, because you appreciate your precious girl and the time you have with her.

I know that God will work out the logistics of the school-supply shopping. I can't even tell you how ours got done (TIMES FOUR!)...just that God was gracious and what needed to get done got done!

Jacinta said...

NAW too cute. I've got a year and a half before my eldest starts kinder.... phew.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

The foot sandle look is fun and precious! Very cute!