Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Shopping

Since we had Genevieve's preschool orientation (what?! it's September??  my little girl is starting preschool??!), I've gotten serious about going over the cold weather clothes.  It may be 90 degrees here, but by gum, my children are going to have winter coats and wool sweaters at ready. 

I bought a winter coat for Ben today for $10 at a consignment shop (already had the boots, snow pants, and mittens).  Genevieve needed shoes because she can't wear flip flops to preschool; I have a shoe formula I usually stick to:  everyday brown shoes and black Mary Janes for good. 

But I found these darling corduroy navy flats for $3 at a thrift store (and a bonus pair of cordovan moc croc Mary Janes for next year!).  She does have some navy Chucks to wear too, but they are cumbersome since she can't tie her own laces yet.

I also have been looking for a wool blanket for Ben's bed; last year, he was still in his crib, so I'm still gradually getting all the accoutrements for a twin bed.  I've been scoping around online with no luck, but took a swing through the bedding at the thrift store and ta da!  found this Pendleton wool blanket for $10.  I'm going to take off the nasty satin and put a big bright binding the whole way around.  And then I'm going to applique something on it! 

The rest of the thrift store loot:
a big metal tub for nursery books - $.99
six beautiful ramekins $ 3.49
linen shorts for the husband $2
2 shirts for G $2, $3

(Going through "the coats" to Narnia. . .if all goes well, I'll be sewing this fabric into curtains very soon!)


A said...

My mom had a navy/dark shoes rule too, because, clearly, navy wouldn't show the dirt. I bet her Menno mama taught her that. So when Keds came around I had to beeeegggggggggg to get those brite white things on my feet.
And she let me, although, of course, they got dusty right quick. There was still the tussle over whether she paid for real brand name Keds, or the generic ones. In the 6 or so pairs I went through, I remember having both, but can't remember if she got generic after having to spend so much for the real ones, or bought real ones after being tired of how fast the cheap ones wore out. In any case, I clearly remember drawing a blue rectangle in marker on the back heel of the generic ones. Ah, youth.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

You're a Proverbs 31 woman earnestly at work to see to the needs of your household! It's fun to see how God provides, isn't it?

I love the shoes and look forward to seeing your curtains.

kim said...

Well're the thrifting queen. The shoes are really pretty but they also look servicable.....that was one of my mothers favourite words whenever we needed new clothes or shoes, well there was five of us. Can't wait to see what you do with all your thrifted bedding.
florrie x

Margo said...

A, I hadn't thought about the dirt aspect, just the matchability aspect.

Christian, thank you :)

Florrie, I'm going to start referring to our wardrobes as "serviceable." That's a great word! Thank you.