Monday, September 20, 2010

Gummy Pans Experiment

Exhibit A:
Gummy cruddy pan.  Ammonia.  Plastic bag.  Fresh air.

Exibit B:
Bagged up pan with a slosh of ammonia.  (Overnight)

Exhibit C:
Pretty clean pan (except where I got tired of scrubbing the corners).

I plan to repeat this method with my bigger, nicer baking pans.  I  did think the overnight ammonia soak would remove the dirt like magic, but I still scrubbed at the gunk with Barkeeper's Friend and a scratchy pad.  Still and all, the results are fine.


beth said...

wondering how dishwasher soap would compare to your ammonia only method?? I've used a little bit of that to scrup/soak really diry pans in the past.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Baking Soda... that's my solution for gummy pans. Dip a damp rag in the soda and scrub away that sticky mess. Works beautifully.

Margo said...

Beth and Christian, thanks for the new ideas for scrubbing. This is gunk that built up over time after sloppy cleaning, so I view the ammonia soak as an occasional solution. I'll try your methods inbetween.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sim told me to use that method when cleaning my stove top drip pans. At the time (in my salad days) I had no idea what drip pans were, so you can just imagine the state they were in!

Beth said...


And the red pepper marmalade looks so tasty!

Natasha said...

I definitely didn't know about the ammonia trick... adding to my shopping list now!