Monday, September 13, 2010

A Full British Breakfast

When my husband was a student in Cheltenham, England, he often ate "a full British breakfast" at restaurants.  I bet this is not what the average Brit eats at home.

baked beans
blood sausage (we skip this!)

My husband: "not exactly a healthy breakfast."
Me:  "but one that you could get a lot of work done on."

Somehow this has become our vacation breakfast.  We slipped away to the beach cottage this past weekend to enjoy the last bit of summer and a clear, warm ocean (a rarity on the northeastern coast).


Laura said...

I dunno. Friends of ours used to live in England and your menu is exactly what they said their landlady cooked for them every morning - and all of it fried in vegetable oil.

It sounds like a tasty way to get the day started!

Jennifer Jo said...

Not healthy? What are you talking about? It has all the food groups!

Margo said...

Laura, I can't imagine eating this every morning!

JJ, my husband was referring to the overload of protein. But I don't care because all the flavors are so good together.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I never have understood the baked beans for breakfast thing, but the rest of it sounds lovely, especially when weekending at the beach!

Deanna Beth said...

I had no idea the Brits ate like this for breakfast. Hunh.

kim said...

YUM! AS the saying goes......Breakfast like a King, Supper like a Pauper..........quite a healthy way to eat. This sort of breakfast can "set you up" for the day, and sometimes if it has to, can carry you through to your evening meal (supper). I've always been brought up to believe that a heavy meal at the end of the day is not good for your digestion and lays down fat in the body as you're not working it off.
Sounds like you had a lovely week-end.
florrie x

Karena said...

looks delicious!