Monday, September 27, 2010

Corralling the Beads

Once upon a time we had two boxes of Melissa & Doug beads to string.  Couldn't I free those lovely lidded boxes and combine the beads?

I rummaged in my collection of containers and found the empty oatmeal box from the beach vacation when I indulged my mother's request to eat granola.  I saved the cardboard cylinder with no clear plan, but actually lugged it home and tucked it into my collection.

The beads at last are combined.

The boxes at last are free.  . . to join my container collection for now.  I think they would make nice drawer compartments.


Unknown said...

One of the important parts of homemaking is organizing "everything in it's place" so that it's where you need it when you're looking for it...and it's easier to put away when you're done with it too : )

Leila said...

This is a good feeling. Two little satisfactions for the price (free!) of one! Cause those boxes are niiiice.....

God bless you, don't fret ;)