Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Sheets

I keep four sets of 100% cotton sheets for each bed: two flannel, two regular cotton. I was reminded that I used a worn-out set for a comforter when I switched flannel for cotton this spring and discovered only one set of sheets for our bed.

I saw a sale advertised at JCPenney, but their cheapest 100% cotton queen set was $49. With an eye to the end of that afternoon's babysitting, I flew over to TJMaxx to see if they could beat that price. Oh yes, they could: $29.99. Over the years, I realize, I have found ebay and TJMaxx consistently have the best prices for sheets.


Beth said...

Love the sheets blowing in the wind...we don't have room for clotheslines, but I love the idea!

Oh, I responded to your schooling question by adding a comment to my last post.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Beautiful shots.

I love cotton sheets but I do not like new sheets! I use mine until they are absolutely threadbare (or worse!) because I hate "breaking in" new ones, they always feel stiff to me.