Monday, May 31, 2010

Fresh Ginger, All the Time

Ginger root is one of those irreplaceable ingredients, but I use ginger root infrequently enough that it used to go bad inbetween recipes. I finally started hacking it into pieces and freezing it. If I remember, I set out a chunk an hour or so before I want to use it; otherwise I nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds. Fellow blogger Jennifer Jo pointed out recently that she stores hers chopped up in sherry to cover, refrigerated.

Speaking of sherry, I buy a bottle of the cheapest regular sherry for about $5 (not cream sherry) and keep it indefinitely in the fridge. I must have it to make hot and sour soup, most notably, but I also add it to other soups or rice or beef dishes.

I'm in lazy picnic mode today, so I'll post on Sunday dinner tomorrow.


Sydneyknits said...

You don't really need to thaw it out. I freeze it in big pieces and the grate what I need and pop the rest in the freezer again. I also grate some in hot water for a tea. You can also throw it in a pot of soil and it will make a nice plant and you can dig up more root later.

Margo said...

Sydney, thanks for the tips!
I've never heard of rooting the ginger root, but it does make sense. Is it a house plant?

Anonymous said...

in my area it is an outside plant, but you'd have to bring it in during the winter.

also, you should like this, i learned it while i lived in jamacia. when you buy a whole pineapple at the store, save the peel when you cut it up (you can plant the top in dirt and it will grow, takes 2 years to fruit though) but take the other pineapple peelings and a knob of ginger in a saucepan and cover with water and add a good bit of sugar. simmer on the stove till it is translucent, you really cannot over simmer it. then strain it and chill. it makes a great refreshing summer drink