Friday, June 16, 2017

And Then My Checkbook Cover Broke

I had never liked that cheap vinyl thing anyway.

I dug through my free upholstery samples and thought I could make a new cover.

I simply traced around the old old one, held the vinyl together tightly while I sewed, and bingo!  a new cover in about 20 minutes.  I did use a sewing machine needle that I have set aside for sewing on paper.

There's a pocket for the debit card that accesses the account.

There's a binder clip to keep the checks for deposit handy.

I'm very pleased with its looks and functionality.


Tammy said...

Fun! It looks very nice! Much better than the cheap bank-issued ones! (Most banks will give you a new one if you ask! and also a new register if you ask - I've had both replaced free from my bank).

coleen said...

Very nice! I made mine out of pre-quilted fabric scraps....but next time I try your idea.

beth s said...

Love it!

jenny_o said...

Nice! Very sleek and professional looking. I am impressed by your creativity, as usual!

Becky said...

Very cute!

Jenny said...

Very nice! Attractive and sturdy.

e said...

Another Etsy shop item, perhaps?


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