Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warm French Lentil Salad

I took some photos of supper tonight because it's a delicious recipe and I thought I had not blogged about this recipe before.

Apparently I have now written so many blog posts that I don't remember them.

The original post, with recipe, is here. The current photos are much nicer (and I hope that Santa is paying attention to the new lens I have my eye on for even nicer photos in the future; actually, I just nudged my husband to pay attention).

I see that I add a bay leaf to the lentils now.  I've been enamored with bay leaves for a few months.

I almost always use celery instead of a fennel bulb and red wine vinegar instead of lemon slices.

I highly recommend this recipe for its ease, elegance, and nutrition. Pretty cheap, too, unless you're lavish with the walnuts and cheese.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Looks yummy..
Hope Santa is listening.. and you get your lens..ha

Hazel said...

That looks delicious! I make a similar lentil salad with feta cheese and (sun) dried tomatoes.

Margo said...

Hazel, tell me more about your salad. I made a lot of dried tomatoes this year and now I don't have many recipes!

Hazel said...

It's this one
Ainsley Harriott is a chef who was on British TV a lot a few years ago.

I make this salad for bring and share and pot luck meals, especially if I'm asked to bring a salad in the winter. People occasionally look dubious, (I find men especially are wary of lentils if they don't eat them at home!) but it's always very popular.


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