Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why, Yes, I Darn My Dishcloths

I used to banish them to the rags when they got holes, but I wondered why I bother darning socks then?

I need dishcloths more than I need rags.

I speculate that our dishcloths get holes in them because we wash sharp things carelessly and accidentally cut the yarn.  It's dorky, but I get happy about choosing the yarn colors to darn the holes.  Colors make me so happy.

To radically change the subject, what is NOT making me happy is trying to figure out schooling for our children next year.  We are planning to put Ben in preschool (where? where? where?).  Genevieve will be in first grade (where? where? oh, nevermind).  I told my husband that I had patience enough to discuss it for 15 minutes last night.  I had done some preliminary checking and note-taking, just so you know I'm holding up my end of the parental decision.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Schooling decisions are so... weighty. Why not darn dishcloths while discussing options?!

Anonymous said...

How about home school?

Margo said...

Anon, homeschooling is something we've talked about.

Rachel said...

Totally, totally understand the frustration. Blessings. It is not easy!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Nope.. I dont darn dish cloths..I think I am too lazy.ha. I do take my worn bath towels, cut them up and surge around them..[Makes great dish cloths, and last quiet awhile longer]
Sending prayers for your school decisions.. so hard..

Beth said...

The dishcloths! I'd never seen handmade ones - I know, I live in a plastic town ;-) But then I saw some on Pleasantview Schoolhouse, too. Ooh, I like the idea! Good for you for repairing them!

School...yes, tough one. We love our current situation, but it's not without many challenges!

Sarah Barry said...

I love that you do this.

School choosing can be so stressful. Hope you find an answer soon.


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