Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Vintage Soda Siphon

Where did my in-laws get this thing?  It's so beautiful and luxuriously heavy.  I keep forgetting to ask.

Not very thrifty, sadly, as a $1 cartridge makes a liter of seltzer

and scares the little boy when it snorts the first drink out. (At this point, I put down the camera and comforted him).

He came around.  We do love carbonation so very much in our family.


Anonymous said...

So do I! My husband and I drink a great deal of seltzer water :-)

My mother had one of this, but she never used it.


Polly said...

I am seriously fascinated by this. I drink an embarrassing amount of San Pellegrino mineral water (or perrier when it is on sale) and it's mostly just for the fizziness. I'd love to have a device like this, to fizz up my own water! Love this. Maybe one day I will run across one!


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