Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pattern Weights from the Toy Box

I was taught to pin a sewing pattern to the fabric to cut it out.  Clumsy and time consuming.  A few years ago, I started weighting the pattern with whatever heavy objects were at hand.

But if you have a child who loves trains at your house, you have the best pattern weights around:  wooden train tracks.

Ben delights in helping and having "a job."  He fetched all the tracks for me, then watched closely as I cut a shirt dress out of a sheet (the one he is sleeping under on the camping trip).

And yet, it is possible to buy manufactured pattern weights.  I'll save my money for other things, thank you!


Deanna Beth said...

Pattern weights. Hunh. That's a thing? I wouldn't trust the pieces to stay still.

Lisa said...

My things cut out MUCH better with weights (knick knacks), than with pins - I don't think I ever get the pinning just right - it never looks entirely flat.

Anonymous said...

I sure rebelled about using weights...but now, I can not seem to go back to pinning :-)


Rhonda said...

brilliant! both in using toys for weights and the sheet for a blouse.

Polly said...

You are brilliant. I must try this. I LOATHE (cannot over overstated) using pins. LOATHE. LOATHE. But I've never tried pattern weights because I thought that seemed kind of fiddly.

Now you are telling me I can use toys. The possibilities are endless--we have excellent, heavy wooden blocks. And Ankor blocks. These could all work, I think....!

Rebecca said...

Well...two confessions here: I bought pattern weights (they were so sweet in their little box). I really don't like them. I felt like I had to awkwardly work around them and the pattern pieces didn't stay as still as they do pinned. Pins for me. (I'll give you my weights.)

Margo said...

hmmm, maybe what I'm seeing is that some of us are pinners and some are not. I avoid pins when I can!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What a fantastic idea.. An so wonderful that your little buddy can help you.. Treasured moments are wonderful!!!
Happy sewing.. Look forward to seeing your shirt dress, when you finish.

Sarah Barry said...

GREAT idea! We have trains. I'm doing this. I too get annoyed by pins.


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