Monday, March 21, 2011

Three More Meals from St. Paddy's Leftovers

Lunch, Meal 1:
corned beef sandwiches with mustard on daily bread; popcorn; dill pickles; seltzer
(Reubens would have been good, but I didn't think ahead to defrost some sauerkraut).

Supper, Meal 2:
used leftover pot likker from the corned beef to make beans, putting in the scraps of cabbage and carrots too; Trisha Yearwood's Cornbread salad (using dried tomatoes); hot fudge sundae cake

homemade raspberry cordial for the adults to go with the cake - yummmmm

And finally,

Lunch, Meal 3:
fried mashed potato cakes, eaten with cocktail sauce and whatever else we could scrounge out of the fridge

Sometimes we do just heat up the leftovers in their original incarnation.  And sometimes I have energy, time, and ideas for the leftovers.


Anonymous said...

Your leftover reincarnations are inspiring. Too often I leave them "as is" and by the third re-serving, we are heartily tired of them. Thanks for the reminder that they can be made over with a few simple ingredients...I just have to remember to think ahead and do it!

Margo said...

Punk, another leftover trick is to just freeze leftovers. Then they're ready for a quick meal sometime and we're not tired of them!

By the Book Paper said...

Love it! Today my corned beef, potatoes, carrots, and some cabbage were turned into the best hash, and tomorrow the end of the cabbage is going to be put into some kind of soup. Transforming leftovers is great! Thanks for sharing yours!

rebwey said...

I don't remember the raspberry cordial. When/how did you make it?

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Okay, let's talk about fried mashed potato cakes for a minute. A couple of years ago I tried making these, using the recipe in Simply in Season, I believe, and it was the biggest flop ever. What is your technique? What are your secrets?

Margo said...

Reb, that was a recipe from Daryl. It's just sugar, berries, and white rum, allowed to sit for a year. I can look up the proportions for you. It's a bit cough syrupy on it's own, but I adore it with chocolate.

Christian, this time I just shaped the leftover mashed into little patties and fried them on high in oil. I was surprised at how well it worked, actually. Usually I add an egg, some cheese and onion, dredge in flour, and then fry. I'll have to look in Simply in Season to see the recipe you're talking about. I modify a lot of their recipes, I find. I'm not a confident fry-er and I really do not like how the house smells (even with my exhaust fan on high) afterwards.

rebwey said...

Fried potato cakes were a frequent post-Sunday Dinner meal at our house. Mom just patted the cold potatoes into cakes and fried them in lots of butter until crisp.

If I'm feeling fancy I'll melt a slice of cheese on top. Never have used binders or coatings.


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