Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1970s Curtains for the Laundry Room

I love this fabric! It's printed patchwork splashed with tulips - in wonderful turquoise, mustard, and brown.  Doesn't it scream "kitchen curtains?"  You'll never never guess what Rebecca's mother made with it.


A maternity top.

I love this fabric so much and I love its history.  These curtains are in my turquoise laundry room with a quarry tile floor.  It also serves as mudroom.

I had to patch a little corner, so I used the perfect dun-colored scrap, which (O happy universe!) was a piece left from Rebecca's mother's 8th grade skirt.  Then I added a smart gold rod pocket in the back and hung my new curtains up, pinching them back a little bit with clothespins since this is laundry room. 

Just another progression from embarrassing newbie curtains to great curtains that I love. (Below is the before picture)

I didn't touch the curtains on the back door at all.

But I did add pictures.  The Holly Hobbie is from my childhood; the green embroidery is from South America, a wedding present from my friend Kate.

Why am I on such a roll with curtains?  I'm eyeing our bedroom next. . .


Eva Girl said...

LOVE! I think these are SO COOL - and I love the way you paired them with the black and white check. Such a great room and a great way to *tie* in all the colors ; )

Really. A maternity top?! I'd love to see that!

Beth said...

These are great! And the story/history is SO fun. You did a good job! Laundry rooms ARE great places to hang special, sentimental items that you want to see often.

Tracy said...

So clever to use clothespins to pinch back the curtains! I don't think I would have ever thought of doing that.

Heritage Farmgirl said...

I love the look. Not 1970's but now-day country look. Love the clothes pegs for that added touch.

Anonymous said...

Your curtains made me smile--beautiful and clever with a great dash of history.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Nicely done! I think a laundry room should be delightful and pleasing to the laundress herself. Your little washing room is a happy place, and it should be because I'm sure you spend a lot of time in there as I do.


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