Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Starting Preschool

Genevieve started preschool this morning and I haven't cried yet.  But I'm planning to.  It's the first little home-string stretching and snapping, which is the ultimate goal, I know, to release strong independent young adults into the world. . .but oh my heart.

To celebrate her first day and also to indulge her recent love of skirts and dresses, I made her a first-day-of-school dress.  It's sweet calico I got from the creative reuse shop and a pattern from Mrs. R

And because I wanted her to be free to somersault in all modesty, I made her bloomers, just using the shorts from the pattern and putting lace and elastic in the legs.  They are great!  So pretty and practical.  I'm going to be making more if my girl keeps loving skirts.  I put a little ribbon tag in the back of the bloomers.

And off we go, walking across town to her little preschool.  She was so ready for this and had a really marvelous time.


Deanna Beth said...

She looks fantastic! And proud! Good for her! And you!

Laura said...

Adorable dress and bloomers - and what a day for both of you!

Jennifer Jo said...

Great dress, but I LOVE the bloomers. Back when I was an elementary student at a Mennonite school, I always made sure to wear shorts under my dress so I could do flips on the monkey bars.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Melt my heart! She looks just like a little doll in her sweet dress, and the bloomers are perfect!

Just because THEY are ready for the next step doesn't necessarily mean that we are. I'm with you sorting through these tumultuous emotions that come with letting go.

Jacinta said...

Awwwwwwwww so cute. Hope she loved her first day!


Florrie said...

What a pretty dress and the bloomers are a practical solution to any skipping or tumbling around she may be doing.......it tugs at my heartstrings when I drop my grandaughter Jessie off at school, it's her first week, so mornings only. It doesn't get any better, even when they're older. I remeber crying for a whole week when my eldest son went to university.
florrie x

BrotherDearest said...

let me know how the whole commute thing works out, I remember talking about that, and not really concluding anything

Anonymous said...

Oh how my heart goes out to you! She is absolutely lovely in the dress you made her, and I adore the bloomers. I know they would look ridiculous on adults, but I must confess to wishing I had a pair every time my toddler yanks up my skirt in the grocery line.


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