Thursday, May 27, 2010

Refashioned Dressing Gown

Since I became a mother almost five years ago, I've gradually realized I needed a dressing gown. In the morning, I needed a garment to put on out of the shower that would allow me to make breakfast, fetch the paper, change diapers, clean up breakfast, and stay calm and cool because I wasn't dirtying the Real Outfit for the Day.

For some Evening Events I needed to ready the children and house for a babysitter, scrambling together a supper for them, all while mincing around in my party dress; I have actually had to change outfits because of that, swearing under my breath.

Dear reader, NO MORE. I have a dressing gown now!

I found this linen dress (brand name "Possibility"!) for $6.50 at a thrift store in March. It was too tight for me at the hips, but I thought if I took out the generous plackets and resewed the buttons on, it could work. In the event that my remake failed, the fabric was my consolation prize. But the remake worked! I did end up letting out the side seams a smidge too (those hips!) and removing the collar. I finished the raw edge where the collar was with bias binding, something I wouldn't do on a public garment, but which seemed nice and dressy-gowny to me.

I met all my requirements in this gown:
1. breathable and breezy linen
2. buttons down the front (I can do my hair while wearing this and just slip it off when I'm ready for the Real Outfit)
3. inexpensive!
4. Pretty enough, modest enough, that I don't feel embarrassed about answering the door or running out on the porch for the paper

This is my warm weather dressing gown. I started sewing a winter dressing gown, but got distracted by all my spring projects. I'll pick it up again in the fall and show you the completed gown.


Laura said...

I love the idea of a dressing gown, and your do-over looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to check my local thrift store and see if I can find something that would work for me - much nicer than a pair of sweatpants and a ratty T-shirt!

Jennifer Jo said...

Now YOU'RE sounding vintage! And cute.

I use an old Ceresota bread flour apron.

senolt said...

Oh the fabric! Cute.

rebwey said...

Oh, you dear! The thought of you "mincing" around in your party dress has made my evening.

Eva Girl said...

Now that's a smart dress! Simple style, pretty fabric, and easy to change in or out of!!! It's important to have something casual to wear around the house, and it's even better to have it so pretty too : )

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Perfect! You've convinced me... I need a dressing gown too!

Margo said...

JJ, for some reason, I just do not wear aprons much.
Laura, yes, and the problem with the ratty tee is that I would drag it over my head to get dressed and have to start over again with my hair.

Deanna Beth said...

That IS killer fabric.

Crystal said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!

A said...


jenny_o said...

Margo, I just found this post when it popped up with today's post ... I love your refashioned gown. So true that you just can't be wearing the work outfit or the good outfit with little ones (or now, in our case, cats). Beautiful fabric. I have become very interested in refashioning clothing lately. It's the only way to get clothes that truly fit me. Are you interested in a link or two to sites with good, wearable and age-appropriate refashions? Let me know if you are, but don't feel obligated to say yes. This project might have been enough for you, or your interests may have changed. Or you may have some more tips for the rest of us, instead!

Christine said...

I've often thought I need to get one of those wrapper dresses that women used to wear over their actual dresses in the 1930s when they were doing housework etc. Repurposing an existing dress never occurred to me! I shall have to go to a thrift shop post-haste!!


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