Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking out the Yellow Linen Skirt

When I was learning how to sew in high school, I made lots of shapeless, one-hour skirts and tops. It showed. I was baffled because I believed the charming, windblown pictures on the pattern envelopes. Now I understand my skills and my style much better, and this yellow skirt is my favorite self-made clothing item so far. I made it last summer before going to my annual beach-girls weekend(For the Record). It's just a yolk-yellow A-line linen skirt with grey topstitching and a black vintage metal zipper.

In February, I dreamed up this outfit, and finally, I got to wear it.

We went to a graduation party for my cousin; she is one of Genevieve's favorites, so I easily cajoled her into making the card.

I was surprised, and not pleased, to see how exactly the yellow slides match the skirt. I'm usually not matchy-matchy.

I love yellow, but I do not wear it next to my face or I look ill. I'm astonished at how many things the yellow skirt goes with in my wardrobe: besides the obvious black and white, I also wear it with blues, pale green and when I'm feeling nervy, fuschia.


  1. I love your outfit -- very fresh and bright -- and the shoes look perfect with it! I also love your shady street with it's old, brick houses.

  2. That's a great skirt---perfect for spring. I like yellow, but I can't wear it, not even far from my face.

  3. Maybe you should consider being a leg model.

  4. You look lovely! The yellow is the perfect color... just like the yolk of an egg. I am so thankful that the season of the skirt is upon us!

  5. Margo, that IS a lovely skirt! And you're right - close to our face and it makes us look weird. Especially since I have yellow undertones in my skin. Ugh, I'll look jaundiced. But it is so bright and cheery and young all at once. And with the denim jacket - very edgy. I love. And yes, the shoes go perfectly! And no, not at all matchy-matchy.

  6. Really nice skirt! A nice knee-length a-line skirt is a boon to womanhood. I have a denim skirt I got at a thrift store (after coveting my daughter's exact same one! and it had the tags still on!) that is so terribly worn out now, and I need to somehow make a pattern from it.
    You did a beautiful job.

  7. I've always liked that skirt. It's a happy day kind of color


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