Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Red Hammer Soup

The inspiration for this soup comes directly from Rebecca, who served me a hot virgin bloody mary this winter.  It was fantastic, sipped directly out of pretty china cups, with chicken-salad sandwiches and chips.

 I have never liked this name for a drink, even though I do really love the drink (tomato juice anything, really), so I did a little sleuthing.  Back in 1942, a bloody mary was called a red hammer.  So that's what I'm renaming this splendidly versatile soup.

Red hammer soup brightens up a winter menu as a soup, yes, or an appetizer cup, or even just a vegetable to go next to pesto and pasta and green salad, as we had it here.

 Essentially, make any virgin bloody mary and heat it up: now it's a red hammer, ok?  This is how I make mine, although the measurements are guesses.  I add the seasonings, taste, and adjust.

Red Hammers
Heat together:
1 quart tomato-soup base* (see recipe here)
2 tsp. Worcestershire
1/2 tsp. celery seed
1/4 tsp. Tabasco (or add individually if you have spice-adverse eaters)

Serve hot to sip in mugs, or in bowls garnished with chilled, diced shrimp or chopped celery and onion.
Other ideas of add-ins or garnishes: squeeze of fresh lime juice, minced parsley, Old Bay seasoning, oyster crackers

*I think you could absolutely start with something other than homemade tomato-soup base.  I'm using what I have.  Try pureeing fresh or canned tomatoes, or use tomato juice or V8.


  1. Sadly, I have to limit tomatoes in my diet, otherwise I would be making this today. It sounds delicious and I LOVE the new/old name you've given it. Red Hammer is like a super hero of soup. A Souper Hero!

  2. LOVE the name! Red Hammer it shall ever be.

  3. Interesting! I make a wicked Bloody Mary with a full selection of pickles, but I don't actually care for them in the least! I didn't even like tomato soup until I learned to make it from scratch in my 40's. And yet, anything else tomato, I am ALL about. I know, it's weird, right? I like this idea of serving your red hammer with pasta pesto. It might just show up on the dinner table here soon.....Thanks!

  4. I much prefer the name Red Hammer. I love this! (Also love the one-in-each-hand photo of Mr. Thrift.) I don't make tomato soups nearly enough. My mother used to make them a lot with grilled cheese, of course, but I like the pasta-pesto and salad combo too. I wonder if my kids would eat (drink?) a red hammer.....


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