Friday, April 6, 2018

What's Your Domestic Super-Power?

We've all got a domestic super-power, something that we enjoy doing in our homekeeping or feel really proud of our efforts and results.  Decorating? Open-house hospitality? Beautiful photo-worthy bedrooms? Fantastic flower beds or garden? Shrewd e-Bayer who keeps the household supplied and profits by selling the extras? What? Do tell!

I'm really on top of food at my house - I even usually enjoy it! I cannot stand bad food or boring food, so I'm cooking and stocking to please my palate and my family comes along for the ride.

I'm also pretty good with laundry - at keeping it eco-friendly, getting it done, getting stains out.

However, the areas I am not great at are cleaning and our social calendar. I am usually content to live in tidy filth; inviting people over usually motivates me to clean a bit. Visible dirt can also motivate me to clean, but I'm way more interested in food and sewing projects than cleaning. So boring!

I'm also not great at planning social things or deciding what to do with invitations to social things - I'm a homebody until I get housebound and then it's usually too late for my organized self to just, you know, add something to the calendar. Fortunately I live with social people who propel me out.

So tell us what your domestic super-power is.  Pat yourself on the back and feel the love!


Jane said...

Margo my domestic super power is keeping the moulting hair of my 26 year old daughter and small Jack Russell fur baby under control. I had not swept my fully tiled house since Tuesday. Sweeping is something I do most days. I used the vacuum cleaner today, and had to empty it twice, due to the amount of hair collected. I fell down in my super power this week.
My area of downfall is cleaning the wooden venetian blinds. They really need a decent clean right now. I will get around to it one day.

Judy said...

Cooking and and not cleaning is the way it is at our house. My specialty is an impromptu afternoon tea. I keep things on hand for this. It hardly takes much arranging and people have to answer right away since the party is happening within the hour. I brew a pot of tea and slice some hard salami, cheese, cut little rounds of baguette to toast.....adding anything else I can think of like my own fermented pickles. The children who come drink milk.

Christy said...

I would say my domestic super power is creating a cozy, comfortable home. Soft towels, plenty of warm fuzzy blankets, soft lighting, throw pillows, comfort food, quality music, hot chocolate at the ready, and toasty hand-knits.

Jennifer Jo said...

"I'm a homebody until I get housebound and then it's usually too late for my organized self to just, you know, add something to the calendar." YES YES YES.

My superpower (I think) is doing nothing for long periods of time and then suddenly whipping everyone into a frenzy and getting incredible mountains of work done.

Also cooking.

Polly said...

I love this! Yes, it's fun to think of a domestic superpower.

Mine are probably staying on top of the laundry, keeping life (house, school, schedule) well-organized, and keeping the house tidied up. And giving lots of love to my family!!! Which is probably my most important superpower.

And in the summer I think my superpower is flower gardening. I love my beautiful flower beds and pour lots of attention into them.

Becky said...

My superpower is definitely food related. I can whip up a meal from just about anything you have on hand. Impromptu dinner party? I've been known to feed 15 people from my pantry during a snowstorm, complete with chocolate cake for dessert. I'm also pretty good at laundry and getting red mud stains out. But cleaning the house? Definitely not my strength. Said impromptu dinner parties for 15 are best held at someone else's house (Yes - I will come to your place to cook, carting everything I need in my little red wagon!) or by candle light at my house.

e said...

Laundry is definitely one of my super powers, and one of my favorite chores. It is so satisfying! Plus, as a quilter, I love fabric so washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes doesn't feel onerous.

My other strength is keeping my sinks clean. Well, it's the easiest thing to clean since the water goes in and out with no effort! It's so easy that there is never an excuse to have a dirty sink.

I'm also a champion bed-maker. Sheets are smooth, blankets unrumpled, pillows fluffed, every day. I also rotate my mattress nearly every time I change the sheets.

My downfalls are dusting, clutter, and cooking. Oh, I can feed myself well enough but I am not creative in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

My domestic super-power is organization. I go through my house like a mad woman organizing it from top to bottom - everything in its place. I sell the discards on Craigslist, Ebay and every year I have a garage sale. I'm also quite thrifty, shopping for nearly all of our clothing and furniture, etc. at second hand stores. My downfall, unfortunately, is cooking. I loathe to cook. My husband is always on some sort of diet so can't have this and that and my boys are very picky. Not liking to cook and not knowing what to cook inhibits us from having guests, unfortunately. My other downfall are the bathrooms. I hate to clean the bathrooms.

Jenny said...

My housekeeping super power is keeping the sheets fresh. I used to be a cleaning dynamo, but my toddler keeps me from using that power to its fullest.

Anonymous with the special diet and picky eaters -- that is tough. Even if you like to cook, that combination makes it so difficult.

AmyK said...

This question really stumped me at first. I think my domestic super-power is tackling big house and yard projects and getting them done.

Need a room repainted and redecorated? I dive in and do it. I usually paint either when the kids have gone to bed or while they are at school. I even paint when they are home and I have been known to paint with the toddler around. I sew the drapes and enjoying frequenting used furniture stores for artwork and furniture. I like to be thrifty but also want things to coordinate so I am not afraid to try reupholstering old furniture.

I also really enjoy gardening and the rest of my housework gets pushed to the side once spring rolls around, and I transplant flowers, plant new ones, pull out yards of invasive ivy and spread mulch.

Basically, if I have a house or yard project in the works, my meal creativity plummets, laundry gets washed and dried promptly but languishes in the baskets and cleaning diesn’t happen.

But my bed always gets made too. Can that be a super power?

Margo said...

JaneAllan, I have wood venetian blinds, too, and I loathe cleaning them!! But I like looking at them. . .

AmyK, YES, bed-making is totally a super power!

Tammy said...

So I had to really think about this one, it stumped me. :-)

Almost everyone who comes over says my house is very calm and peaceful. The living room in particular. I attribute it to very simple and few decorations and no clutter.

Also, I LIKE to make as much as possible from scratch. Sometimes it takes me longer than I like, but I really don't mind spending time in my kitchen.

Susan said...

My domestic super powers are inviting people over for dinner or a bbq, and being able to conjure up pretty great meals without a solid meal plan. I actually enjoy the challenge for figuring out dinner when there doesn't seem to be anything good in the fridge.

Sarah Barry said...

This is so fun to think about. My domestic super powers (I have 2) are 1- making my bed, and 2- dinner. I make my bed every single day and we always have a good dinner.

I struggle majorly with cleaning especially since it's almost always made dirty immediately and like you, I struggle with the family social calendar. I'm having to really make an effort to make sure my extroverted husband and children feel socially fulfilled. They have so much energy for people and the world.

Lisa said...

At first, I thought this wasn't for me but I have thought of something. My big thing is making a point of observing holidays. For one thing, they are there for a reason and shouldn't be ignored, or used as simply an opportunity for a day off. Secondly, doing something a little out of the common way makes for a nice change. So, on Columbus Day I might make something Italian for our meal, (since we are Italian), or it might be just a matter of taking it more easy, or praying for somebody (Veterans' Day). Last year during the solar eclipse we had a friend over and enjoyed it outside with a nice lunch. Any excuse for an "occasion", I guess, is my philosophy!