Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter Yet

It's not technically spring until Monday, even though February was so mild that I put away some woolens and my kids asked why the pool wasn't open yet.  Kids.

I was knitting them some warm things because it takes me most of a season to figure out what clothes we really need and I'm not a fast knitter.

So my silver lining in this winter storm is that Ben and Genevieve actually got to wear the things I made for them.  But otherwise, winter, I am done with you.  Go away.

This is Genevieve's ear warmer.  I used the last of this pretty yarn from Phoebe's vest and Phoebe's mittens - not sure what size it is or what the fiber content is.  I made up a pattern and it worked!  I just knitted a rectangle and then sewed the ends together.

And this is Ben's scarf.  I made him a striped one years ago when I didn't understand yarn and needle size; it was a very amateurish scarf with shrunken patches and stretched out stitches. His favorite color is green.  I used the seeded-rib stitch and I love the cushy ribs.  I was close to being done early in the morning of the first snow day, so Ben stood over me dressed in his puffy coat, snow pants, and boots while I knit furiously and cast off.  He said I could put the fringe on later.  Thanks, bud.  He loves the scarf, but when he gets to seriously hogging around in the snow, it comes off.

Phoebe wasn't totally thrilled about being out in the snow.  But I wanted to say that her snowsuit and hat are hand-me-downs from her big sister.  It gives me a strange jolt to see a little Genevieve walking around again:  it's fun to see the cute clothes in action after 10 years, but it's bittersweet to think how quickly time moves on.


e said...

Snow and sleds one day, swimming pool the next! Your knitting projects turned out well. Love the ear warmer and the bright green scarf (doesn't actually need fringe, does it?). And, the kids won't outgrow either of those... :-)

Lauralli said...

I also had a later "bonus baby"! :) (3rd boy) While it was difficult hanging onto those clothes all that time space-wise, I loved seeing them being worn again!! The days are long, but the years are short!! Savor, savor!!

Becky said...

I'm a little jealous of your snow day - the storm was a bust here.

jenny_o said...

Although we had the same storm system, you folks got way more snow than we did. It made me chuckle to think of Ben standing waiting for his scarf to be finished :)

Love the photos, especially Phoebe with Ben - there is mischief in her eyes!

And, yes, the years seem to have flown by when you are looking back at life, it seems.