Sunday, February 21, 2016

Legwarmers with Unpredictable Stripes

I have turned a corner with my knitting and am happily, confidently using double-pointed needles. I am knitting socks for Ben!  These legwarmers for Phoebe were key.

I used brown wool yarn that I had in my stash because I wasn't a confident knitter when I started.  I bought this yarn pre-kids when my husband and I took a lovely trip through a West Virginia state park; there were some local goods set up on a table in the hallway of the welcome center.  At that point, I was only laboriously knitting cotton dishcloths, but I bought that brown wool yarn because it was undyed and so satisfyingly nubby.

I actually knit it into a garter stitch scarf for my husband at one point, but it wasn't a success, so I ripped it out and wound it back up into a ball.  But these legwarmers are a success!

I measured Phoebe's legs and just made up the pattern as I went along, making them longer than necessary in the hopes that she can wear them next year.  I did an inch of 2x2 ribbing at the tops and bottoms with stockinette inbetween. The brown seemed too severe, so I added three fuschia stripes to each leg.  They are snuggly warm.

My dear sweet baby girl.


Hazel said...

They're lovely and it is satisfying to use up yarn you already have, especially if you can remember when and where you bought it.

Phoebe's so smiley- my youngest has just been admiring her photo over my shoulder :)

Becky said...

They're great! I think I need to knit myself a pair of leg warmers. This may have inspired me to do that.

jenny_o said...

Such a smiley girl! The legwarmers look so cozy.

Glad I'm not alone in having unused supplies that predate the children. Of course, my "children" are a fair bit older than yours :)

Lana said...

Sweet baby girl! If they are outgrown on her legs she can wear them as arm warmers. Our grandchildren as old as 6 are till wearing their baby legs with short sleeved shirts in the winter.