Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Try Boro

"Boro" is Japanese mending using a field of sashiko (embroidery) stitches.  Boro is quite trendy on Pinterest right now, but I just eyeballed it when Ben's other knee, next to the monster, wore through.

I think it turned out nicely and it was certainly easy.  I used red perle cotton, a random darning needle I had, and the same red fleece from the monster's mouth.


  1. I've been mending like that for years and never knew it had a name!

  2. Aha, the term boro is new to me, must go searching now! Good job on the knee mend.

  3. Love it -- and then in May do you just cut the legs off above the knee, get out your yellow thread, and make shorts? I did that with my boys' jeans!

  4. Leila, thank you! Yes, I make them into shorts unless Ben has a lot of hand-me-down shorts and I don't have to


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