Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Monster and a Robot for Ben

A hole appeared in the knee of a nice pair of Ben's jeans.

 I wondered if he would like a monster face there, something I had seen on Pinterest.  He was charmed, and I amused myself one Sunday afternoon with needle, thread, and fabric scraps. 

I did the patch entirely by hand so I didn't have to rip open the side seams to get the leg into my sewing machine.  It was not as difficult to hand-sew through denim as I thought.  We love Ben's monster, and he often gets compliments when he wears the jeans; in fact, he styled himself on Sunday with a sweater vest, red bow tie, (orange snow boots - whoops, forgot the penny loafers at home), and his monster-knee jeans.

The robot came about because I bought Ben a plain green sweatshirt at the thrift store and offered to embellish it for him.  He drew a robot for me, which I had to modify to sew, which did not please him, so we had to go back and forth several times at the drawing board.

I don't enjoy looking at the final result as much as he does.  He is so pleased that his robot has sunglasses.  

I am just pleased to have so much fun sewing things for my boy that he loves.  


  1. I love the monster! I am going to have a get a hold of some of the grandson's jeans and patch them this way. They would be so excited.

  2. The thought of a bowtie at the neck and a monster at the knee is pretty cute.

    Both of these designs are great ideas!

  3. That is some fan-foo-goo-tastic patching!

  4. My husband says he wants monster faces on his ripped work jeans.

  5. What GREAT boy projects! Love them both.

  6. What great ideas! So nice that you both enjoyed the sewing, in different ways.

    This comes just at the right time for me - I found two white t-shirts at the thrift store for our grandson and was looking for a way to add some pizzazz to them. I thought of fabric paint, but would have to buy some. Cloth scraps, on the other hand - there is no end of those here.

    Your two bigs are getting so tall! And your little is growing so quickly. If you are looking for a post idea, let us know how her personality is developing - is she like anyone else in your family, or just like herself? She seems to always be fascinated by everything, in your photos :)

  7. I love the robot, especially the zigzags connecting him.

    And I wish I'd seen the monster knee when my son was younger; he'd have loved it!

  8. They're both great! My gal seems to have outgrown my embellishing her clothes (hopefully just for the time being), but I'm thinking I may need a monster patch on a pair of jeans with a ripped knee.

  9. The monster is awesome! My boys would love it.


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