Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Point of Christmas Decorations

I finally get it:  the point of Christmas decorations is to completely clutter the house with color and needles and visual stimulation so that when you put the Christmas decorations away, your house instantly feels calmer and tidier and more spacious.


And you didn't even have to redecorate, buy bins, or throw anything away (although if you're like me, I'm always in a pitching frenzy after Christmas).

This is excellent news!  All your chi is unblocked and your new year energy is sparkling and strong!

This boy does not agree.

He stood in the space of the legendary tree (which left a legendary green carpet of needles behind it that I did not help clean up - hooray for big kids!) and proclaimed that it was too bare and he would be the Christmas tree.  No thanks, I am done with clutter and you'd better hide your toys from my pitching frenzy.


Lisa said...

But you can't ignore the fact that he is wearing green!

He might make a good tree. substitute. for a few minutes, until he got tired of standing still.

Jennifer Jo said...


Polly said...

I love the post-Christmas purging frenzy!!!

Unknown said...

LOL! Yes! We're just gearing up for our family Holiday - getting out the snowflakes, twinkle lights, it's a lot of fun - then it's good to get back to normal life ; )

Hazel said...

Yep, decoration boxes all out this morning.
I do love the Christmas decorations but it is always a bit of a relief to clear the decks. We move house next month, so this year it's all going!

Lana said...

:) My favorite thing about New Years! We had very little out this year but it still feels clean and new.

jenny_o said...

Aw, that is so cute of Ben - did you put some garland on him in the spirit of the thing? hee hee

I am usually glad to put the decorations away but our tree actually smelled like it should this year and I love walking into that room for the beautiful scent! And we didn't actually have Christmas at our house, so it seems the tree didn't get "used up" enough! Sounds silly and it's definitely emotional, but there it is.

BLD in MT said...

That is a good point, Margo. I, too, admired the nice, uncluttered space where the tree had been. At least your Ben tree will not shed more needles! :)