Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fun with Infinity Scarves

First I found a teal beret on the sidewalk in a rainstorm.  Then I got Genevieve some aqua gloves with purple butterflies on them when the weather turned sharp.  Then I wanted scarves to tie all these colors together with her coats.  I thought maybe I could make an infinity scarf instead of a ruffle scarf.

Of course I could have used just one fabric, but I used my scrap box and I love patchwork, so I mixed it up.  You can see where I simply topstitched the loop closed on this scarf.  It was the first one I made. On subsequent scarves, I used Anna Maria's tutorial for handstitching the last seam.

a vintage hand-me-down from a friend - a lovely, swingy, navy coat

Genevieve loves the scarves.  I love the scarves.  I made two for myself!
The first one used up some cashmere scraps left from this skirt that I accidentally shrank. I mixed in a little bright plaid and some deep green.

8-year-old L.L. Bean wool coat

Then I used a precious length of Hawaiian fabric that Rebecca gave me - not only do I love the colors, but it was a gift to Rebecca's mom for babysitting a little girl whose parents traveled to Hawaii.  I don't really look good in yellow, so I mixed the Hawaiian fabric with colors that do look good on me.
my 10-year-old Land's End wool coat

It's nice to have new accessories from the scrap box for my "old" coats (I didn't realize just how old they are until I tallied up the years for this post). And it's nice to make Genevieve look polished as she grows out her coats every year.  I'll probably make some more scarves - maybe even some Christmas gifts!


Hazel said...

I love them. I'm busy knitting Christmas presents..almost there!

sara said...

a bunny! :)

jenny_o said...

My goodness, that last picture of your daughter is amazing!

Love these scarves. Good eye.

I clicked on one of the "you might like" links (March 10/11) and saw a picture of your little guy modelling a ruffle scarf - how it made me smile!!

Polly said...

Oh, I LOVE these! Genevieve just looks so perfect-little-girl-in-autumn in her hat and scarf. Adorable.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

love your infinity scarves. And Genevie's is so pretty on her..
ps that pet rabbit is so pretty and tame..

Unknown said...

Nice job, and your daughter is so cute! Maybe she'll sew like her mom when she grows up!

BLD in MT said...

I have knit infinity scarves, but never sewn them. Cool idea! Also, I love finding things while walking and cycling. Matt's awesome leather work gloves--and countless other things--have been acquired in this less-that-usual fashion. An added perk of walking!

BLD in MT said...
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