Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Accidentally Felted Skirt, Repurposed

I washed this skirt without realizing it was wool because the fabric came to me from Mrs. R.  While I do love found fabric, I have to figure out its fiber content and this time I was wrong.  I thought it was cotton because it was deeply lush and not scratchy at all.  It's probably cashmere or something equally expensive and special.

Well, I ran the shrinky-dink skirt through hot water and the dryer to be certain it was felted, then I cut it up as hotpad filler.  It makes a plump, sturdy hotpad, so I am mostly consoled.  Who else has cashmere-filled hotpads?

They're in the shop, along with some other new goodies!


Eva Girl said...

I've done that before! I always try to wash material before I sew with it, but every once in a while I think, "Oh, it won't matter..." Silly me, even cotton shrinks a little in the first washing ; )

Kudos to you for reusing!

Lisa said...

Cashmere-filled hotpads - I'm getting a good laugh out of that. :D

loves2spin said...

I've not done that (yet) but I do find sweaters at the thrift store sometimes that seem to have been treated that way. What a wonderful re-purpose! Thanks for the tip!

Beth said...

i love my ThriftAtHome favorites.

Just wanted to say hello and that I've come by and caught up on your thrifty posts :-) Always enjoy checking in!

Hope y'all are well.

Sarah Barry said...

i adore the fabric choice of those hotpads. what is your fabric source?

what a great use of a shrunken skirt!

Margo said...

Sarah, thank you! My fabrics are usually cast-offs from other people or finds from the local creative reuse store. I call it "found" fabric, and I believe even ugly fabric can look good in the right patchwork setting.


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