Friday, July 26, 2013

Several Cold, Creamy Treats

I made the Charlotte Russe from my 1952 Joy of Cooking (here is the Orange Charlotte)  I didn't have "maple flavoring," so I used vanilla extract, a little rum, and a sprinkle of nutmeg.  

After I assembled it, I cleverly googled "Charlotte" and realized, too late, that the traditional mold is more bowl-shaped with the ladyfingers lining the bowl.  So mine looked odd, but everyone loved it and fought over the leftovers. 

About every other day, Ben asks me wistfully if I have some Charlotte Russe in the fridge.  No, my cabbage, I am making other cold treats.

This is a delicious mash-up of several ideas with nary a recipe.

1 ripe avocado
some coconut milk (I froze the rest in ice cube size)
lemon juice (I would have used a lime if I had one)
pinch of salt
smidge of sugar
dried coconut - just a little, and I wanted it to disappear, but it stayed as nubs

I blendered this concoction and kept tasting it until I loved it.  Then I froze it as popsicles.  Rich, exotic, and totally wonderful.

Finally, here is another Jeni's recipe (and as I type, I am chilling Backyard Mint in the fridge).  Pictured here is Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce.  Sounds odd, but it's perfect. The sweet corn is cooked with the cream mixture and then strained out.  I gave the cooked corn to the children to eat and then took it back because it was so delicious.  Which reminds me, my sister-in-law saw a recipe on Pinterest for boiling corn in milky water with a stick of butter - wow.

I love summer desserts.  I'll have baked goods later, in the chilly weather.


Alica said...

You're making me hungry!! :)

beth said...'re such a good mama! It ALL sounds yummy!

jenny_o said...

I feel like such a wimp. Our heat is not as bad as yours, yet I avoid working in it, if at all possible. Cold veggies, cold fruit, cold sliced meat - and no dessert - that's my speed, I'm afraid! Your popsicles look awfully good.

Zoë said...

Ok, so I must tell you that I thought that first picture looked like hotdogs and I was all, "WHAT? You are so hot you are eating frozen HOTDOGS?!" Gross :)

I must admit that I'm not altogether disappointed that Brad insists on using the AC during the heatwaves. As much as I complain that we are, "wasting energy!" or "the shock of AC to our bodies after being out isn't healthy!" or whatever, I do love having a comfortable place to cook and bake in!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Each dessert looks so good.. So cool and refreshing.. I am hungry now..ha