Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cooking Lesson: English Muffin Pizzas

This lesson was all about being comfortable in the kitchen and making the ingredients fairly uniform between pizzas.  Genevieve made these for lunch.  I wandered in and out of the kitchen, folding laundry and coaching her on the next steps.  When seconds were requested at the lunch table, she jumped right up and made a second, and then a third round (the mushrooms ran out).  I was pleased with her enthusiasm and responsibility.

I had set out the English muffins and half-a-jar of homemade pizza sauce to thaw. She used a paring knife to cut the mushrooms. She decided to slice the mozzarella instead of grate it (smart girl).  I explained the toaster oven to her.

I contributed popcorn, baby carrots, and ginger beer to the meal.  It was simple and satisfying, the lesson and the meal.  It's nice to have another worker in the kitchen.


  1. G looks so pleased with her work - and so she should. She can make meals now. That's a powerful feeling.

    English muffin pizzas were one of our favourite lunches when our children were younger. Everyone could choose his/her favourite combination of toppings from the cutting board. Personal pizza!

  2. Was the ginger beer a ferment? Do tell...

  3. Rebecca, yes! It's delicious. You start a ginger bug with grated organic ginger, water, and sugar. When it's bubbly, add it to cool ginger tea and sugar (amounts are in Katz) and allow to ferment before putting in sealed bottles until carbonated.

  4. Genevie, I am so proud of you.. You have really accomplished some great dishes, this summer.. I know you have had fun..
    and what yummy looking pizzas. You have made me, want a pizza..

  5. That looks like a very tasty lunch. What a responsible young cook!


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