Monday, May 6, 2013

A Little Picnic That Turned Out to Be Photogenic

I do try to make sure that the things in my house are beautiful to my eye, but my thriftiness prevents me from just throwing out the ugly stuff and buying replacements.

Occasionally, all the pretty things come together and there is a lovely scene.

Genevieve and I had a little picnic in the yard when the boys were away.  Sometimes just transporting our meal outside is magical and not too much bother.  This was one of those times - and! it was pretty!

She explained that the plates were so small that she put out two for each of us.  And likewise with the cups - she set an extra cup of water to side as a water pitcher (or she may have been thinking of our typical dinner practice of parents refilling childrens' cups from their own rather than expending the energy to go out to the fridge and get the water pitcher - ha).

Cottage potatoes and pepper cabbage. 

And then we walked downtown for ice cream and she bought a neon jump rope as well.  And that purchase could have its own post wherein we discuss children and money and impressing on them that cash money is not going to appear in greeting cards forever.


Julian said...

How sweet! My 14 year old will still have tea parties with me. Enjoy every minute:)

BLD in MT said...

Ah, how sweet and wonderful for you both. And what a coincidence as Matt and I opted to have a dinner picnic for the first time of the season. Hooray for spring!

I am in the same boat as far as the pretty goes. I was just thinking of that today in fact. Maybe someday my ugly stuff will all get worn out and I can thus rationalize buying something pretty. Boy, the ugly stuff last sometimes though....

jenny_o said...

We do the same with our less-than-pretty things ... I think I appreciate it even more when, as you say, everything comes together well and it's pleasing to the eye. My husband doesn't even see what is in front of him, which makes him easy to please, but puzzled by my feelings toward household articles :) That is a very nice picnic scene, and the food is making my mouth water!