Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day: A Poem About Patches

Yesterday I patched my flannel sheets.
They are at least 7 years old, about Genevieve's age.
Ecru linen patches on white flannel.
I could buy new sheets.
But no.

Patches mean life,
real life was lived here and this thing was used hard.
This thing was not thrown out, but rather patched up for more hard work.

Ben took his shoes off in the middle of the day,
and there was his toe peeping out of his blue sock.
"Put your socks on my sewing table tonight, Ben."
And he did.
And I will find some bright thread left from another project
and I will fill in the hole.
He will wear the darned socks again.
I will wash them, and hang them on the line.
The darn will settle into the sock,
a sign of grace
extended to a weak spot.

We live here.
We work and play.
You can buy ripped jeans and shabby chic stuff at the mall,
cool, but they do not mean real life.
Better we should see our own holes,
our patches,
the beautiful mending,
the love.


Lisa said...

"a sign of grace extended to a weak spot" - ahhhh!

Jennifer Jo said...

That line---the one Lisa quoted---yes! Chills! A sermon! Preach it!

Margo said...

It has been a spiritual theme with me, recently!

jenny_o said...

Ohhh ... nice :)

Love that last photo!

Hope you had a warm and happy mother's day.

beth said...

Beauty in the everyday!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Happy Mothers day.. Hope you had a good one..
I love the patched sheets, the old towels that turn into dish cloths.. All the stories that the patches could tell.. Such memories..
And I love that you are teaching your children the real worth of patching..

Julian said...

Lovely. We all have patches of mending,huh? I like how you saw the spiritual in the practical.Beautiful patches made stronger for more use.

Melanie said...

This is just lovely, Margo :-) I love your theology!

In fact, I think I am going to share it (via link) on a Facebook page I administer for mission quilters. It seems to me this relates to our quilting work, too!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! And a practical kick in the pants for me. Our flannel sheets have tears galore and I was thinking (blush), "Better get a new pair before next fall." Off to the sewing machine...

BLD in MT said...

Outstanding post, Margo. I love patching and making new again--but with the unique flare of life well lived.