Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vintage Ice Cream Tee Shirts (and the Harlem Shake)

No hand-me-down tee shirts for Genevieve
2 packages of vintage ice cream iron-ons from the creative reuse store ($2)
2 tee shirts on sale from A. C. Moore ($5)
2 awesome summer tees for G! ($7)

And then she introduced me to the Harlem Shake.  Wow.  I am tasting what it might be like to have a teenager in the house, educating me on pop culture.  Apparently her gym class uses the Harlem Shake to warm up sometimes and then they also used it in a pep rally.  Okaaaaaaay.  Color me impressed and laughing very hard.

The snow boots, people.  The snow boots are killing me.

And aren't those iron-ons so cool?  Genevieve thinks the coolest part is that they're scratch and sniff!  I  think the coolest part is that it took me about 15 minutes, including the pass through A.C. Moore, to get these shirts finished. 


BLD in MT said...

Two new things for me in the post: Who knew they made scratch-and-sniff iron-on decals. Not me. And I am off to google what the Harlem Shake is. And realizing that by not having teens around I am soon going to be totally, totally out of the pop-culture loop. Oh well....

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I am totally laughing out loud!!! The harlem shake.. Yep.. the kids teach us a lot. hahahaha My granddaughters came in the other day and were showing me what they were learning to do in there pom squad class. They wanted me to do it with them..[doing splits.. you should have seen this ole woman. I couldn't get bent much less split.
they really laughed at me]
Love Genevies new shirts adorable.. The kids are so cute.. great photos.

Sarah Barry said...

Those iron ons are cute!

They look like they are having so much fun in these pictures.

My husband keeps me updated on culture (pop and non-pop) - when he comes home at night I often ask him 'so what's going on out there in the world?'

I really enjoy living in a hole.

jenny_o said...

Such cute t-shirts! Isn't it fun when kids are thrilled with some little thing rather unexpectedly?

Melanie said...

These pictures are FAB-U-LOUS! I lurrve the scratch and sniff decals.. makes me think of sticker books from days gone by. Great to see the shots of G & B in action - LOVE the one where she is holding her nose mid-shake lol!!