Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bangkok Peanut Ice Cream and Other Delights

Well.  I have bought another cookbook.  Dear reader, I peruse many cookbooks for my job or reading pleasure via the library, but I rarely buy a cookbook

I bought Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (for $6 on ebay).

I am deeply impressed with Jeni's flavor knowledge, how she describes flavors and puts them together.  To wit:

1. Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry:  "a sublime summer match - initial hits of milky sweet corn give way to the floral nose of sweet black raspberry."

2.Toasted Brioche Ice Cream with Butter and Jam: "butter ice cream with crumbs of toast and a ribbon of fragrant, sweet-tart jam."

3. Celery Ice Cream with Candied Ginger and Rum-Plumped Golden Raisins: "Celery imparts the aroma of rye; potent candied ginger and rum-soaked raisins, judiciously strewn throughout, add an exotic punch."

(blogging break to go down to the dark kitchen and dig a spoon into Bangkok Peanut - holy cow, it's good; not looking good for my figure and my wardrobe)

So far, I have made vanilla, Black Coffee, and Bangkok Peanut.  The last is a combination of coconut (both milk and toasted flakes), peanut butter, honey, and cayenne.  We had it next to a humble apple cake tonight, which didn't know what hit it.

I think these little boutique-y ice creams will be our dessert of choice this summer as we explore all the flavors.  Possibly up next is Scarlet & Earl Grey Ice Cream: "bergamot-scented black tea and sugar-plumped cherries: sweet and civilized."


Jennifer Jo said...

For those of us who don't have the book: post the recipes! I want to make this one (when we get back, that is).

Margo said...

Jennifer, yes, you want to make these!! I typically only post recipes that I have altered in some way because then I have a unique spin on them. (But if you google the recipe names from this post, you will see that other people have posted them.)

Polly said...

WOW. You must give more reviews as you try more of these recipes.

"Didn't know what hit it" made me laugh! That ice cream sounds *divine*.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

yummy.. What a great cook book you have found... and what great desserts you will be having. Enjoy.

jenny_o said...

I never realized such things existed! Enjoy!

Beth said...

Okay. I'm way behind on commenting...
I loved reading about your birthday and your art questions...about what's the value of just looking at art. I have not thought that through, but I do love, love, love to look at art...and wander through museums and art books (the latter much more likely to happen than the former for many years here...:-)

The chocolate desserts for lunch. Hello! Make me one, please.

The ice cream: so, so interesting. I'm very intrigued by the whole thing. I think I have heard of this Jeni...through Bakerella's blog.

Always love catching up on your adventures.

Sweet pic of you holding the kids' hands at Easter.

Farm Fancies said...

It's Autumn here and I'm more inclined to warm custard than cold ice cream but I willl definitely be trying some new recipes out when Summer comes around again.
Cheers, Robyn