Thursday, April 18, 2013

Restocking Flannel

My standard baby gift for new babies is a set of burpcloths that I sew.  I really enjoy thinking of the family, the baby, and putting together soft colors I think they might like.

Recently when I sewed up two burpcloths for a new little boy, I thought my stash of boyish flannel was rather sparse.  I'm on the JoAnn Fabric's mailing list, so I get 40%-off-one-regularly-priced-item coupons every few weeks.  I was intending to use my coupon to get just one yard of flannel, but lo, the flannel was all on sale for 50% off!  I had scooted into JoAnn's 15 minutes before closing time, so it was a fun task to pick a few flannels without time for over-analysis.

I didn't need girly flannels, but those rainbows were too sweet to resist.  I rarely buy new fabric just because I love it.  This was fun.


  1. They are so, so cute! Very nice choices. Lucky recipients!

    What is it about fabric that is so inviting for some of us? And my husband is the same about wood and hardware!

  2. Those are so darling!!! I love the burpcloth idea. Do you make them in rectangles? A friend of ours made some for me when I was pregnant with each child. They are sort of peanut-shaped. They were the BEST burp cloths I had...more substantial-feeling, nicer, prettier than the store-bought kind.

  3. Those rainbows would be too sweet for anyone to resist!

  4. This is such a nice idea, and those flannels are adorable! A friend of mine made me some out of cloth diapers, by sewing ribbon on the seams. Loved those too!

  5. Oh how fun...[Picking out and buying fabric is so fun].
    I love all of them.. But, I really like the sailboat.. oh so cute.
    Can't wait to see the burp cloths, when you make them.. and congrats on finding the flannel 50 percent off.. that makes it more fun..

  6. Polly, yup, just rectangles with topstitching. Sometimes I piece the rectangles or do a tiny bit of applique. The peanut-shap is quite clever, I think.

    Alica, that would be a pretty gift - and even faster than my method!

  7. Awww, I love those little tugboats!


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