Monday, November 12, 2012

The Cutest Little Needle Cases

I could have died from the cuteness when I made this little needle case.  Have you ever seen such a wee envelope, with such a cute mimic stamp and lines of address?  I mean, really.  Let's all squeal together!

And lo, the needle case is incredibly practical, too!  I have solved two annoying problems with these little needle cases.

First, I had needles and thread mixing with my pins all over the pincushion Rebecca made me.

 I used to throw away those lengths of thread because they would tangle and I never seemed to have the right color cut already. But no more!  Now I have a little envelope tucked away in my top drawer, with all my needles in whatever thread I used last, ready for the next little handsewing job.  I think I have a new skylight in my mind!

Then there was the issue of my handsewing carried on the bus and elsewhere.  I had been putting my needle and thread and thimble in a little plastic saffron jar in my handwork bag, but it would get so tangled and I'm sure the plastic was blunting the needle tip.

So I made a traveling needle case.

First I made a little green pocket for the thimble.  Then I had a better idea (during church, I confess).  I took the turtle pocket off.  I made a second little envelope for the thimble, attached to the mother-ship case by a ribbon. 

Then I died all over again from the cuteness. 

1. The wool is felted sweater scraps from the creative re-use store.
2. I got the idea for this needle case on Pinterest, but when I followed the link, I needed to pay $9 for the pattern, so I eyeballed my own and changed some things up.
3.  The interior scenic fabric is from this nightgown.  I love the fabric so much.
4.  The other interior fabric, the blue rosebuds, is from Jean from church who gave me a bag of fabric and patterns.  I do love found fabric!
5.  I do not own a pinking shears.  I borrowed a pair from my mother-in-law to make the stamp.  The shears belonged to her grandmother.
6.  The blue chambray envelope exteriors are from a scrap of Ben's quilt backing.
7.  The green turtles came from a scrap of Rebecca's daughter's blouse; I also used it to make a pencil roll for a friend, only knowing that her favorite color was green, not that turtles were a sign of God's love after her mother's death.

So you see, these little needle cases carry the freight of many people's love and memories.  And the cases are cute! And they are practical!  I am so pleased.


  1. That is the most adorable needle case I've ever seen!

  2. Oh gee, I could use one of those. The little "stamp", and the stitching on the front! I am definitely squealing. :D

  3. Bundle of cuteness indeed!! Love it!

  4. Sigh... love, love, love. Bitty things are so delightful!

  5. It's cuteness overload! I love it. I've been trying different things to carry my needles as well; may I borrow your basic idea? How lovely about the turtles and your friend's pencil roll. Thank you for sharing this sweet project.

  6. That is so fantastic and cute it is hard to describe! Good work eyeballin' it! Turned out superb.

  7. Jenny_o, I borrowed the idea from 2 images on Pinterest - feel free to borrow it again!

  8. This is really, seriously cute.

  9. Ooo! I'm going to have to try this! Great idea for gifts to sewing friends : )

  10. Ok Im squealing at its cuteness .... :D

  11. You crack me up! In a good way :) I love that you used so many pieces that have nice memories attached to them.

  12. I think I just fainted. You will be selling some in the etsy shop, maybe yes please?

    And yay for turtles. ;)

    Seriously though, it's the cutest thing EVER. L.O.V.E.


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