Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shelves in the Bedroom

I petitioned my husband to put up some shelves in the bedroom.  Considering what he's got on his plate right now, I felt timid asking. But I had this idea for these shelves for a long time, and Leila issued a challenge to tackle the master bedroom (I never, ever, think of this as the "master bedroom" - why is that?  I'm bossy enough to be the master).

But my husband did the shelves!

And I got it photographed - only one week late for Leila's bedroom spiff-up (linked up with pretty happy funny real).

Used to be storage boxes with hats flopped on top.  They were hard to sort through, looking for belts, scarves, tights, and shoe polish.  Now it's easy and the hats even look artsy. 

I like to think each tiny project brings us closer to being done with the house; I'm not so naive to think we will ever have a perfect house, but I do think there's a baseline that we haven't reached yet.  Old houses have lots of projects!


  1. Such pretty boxes! And the hat on that red cabinet (?) is lovely! Where did you get the storage boxes?

  2. Brava! And, Bravo for you husband too : ) Looks like an organisers dream - lovely pictures too!

  3. Jennifer, the cardboard storage boxes are from Ikea, years ago. The red cabinet is a kind of dresser/wardrobe.

  4. Love it! Looks clean and very vintage with the hat boxes. Yay for husbands finishing projects! ;-)

  5. Oh, very nice! I love putting things up on wall instead of just using the existing flat spaces. It makes everything seem bigger and more accessabel! We're planning some shelf projects at our house, too, though in the food storage arena not the master bedroom. I've called mine the master bedroom before, but it makes me feel silly. It seems to simple of a room to command such a phrase.

  6. * Margo, there's something strange on my blog at the moment, and your comment refuses to appear, even tho I published it. *sigh*

    I am thinking of making cookies for Thanksgiving, and they'd be good with the sherbet, but I'm probably making sweet potato pie and maybe apple crisp, so the sherbet would most likely be refreshing on it's own. We'll see.

  7. Margo, your post title reminds me of that line in Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version) when Mr Collins shows Elizabeth his newly installed shelves in the closet. And she says "Shelves in the closet? happy thought indeed!" hehe. :D

  8. I love seeing ideas come to life. And I love a project that is aesthetically pleasing AND practical at the same time. Nice job.

  9. These are so attractive.

    I thought at first that you had included a picture from a magazine or such, to give us an idea of what yours looked like.

    And then it turns out it is YOUR wardrobe and YOUR shelves and boxes and YOUR photo! Well done, indeed, to you and the Mister.

  10. Happy thought indeed! And well-executed. :)

    ("I'm bossy enough to be the master" - love it!)


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