Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Tips for School Mornings

After a nice Thanksgiving break, the children are back to school this week.  It really was a pleasant break and I did not spend it wishing for it to be over.

Here are two organizational tips for school that have been making our lives easier:

When I remember, I jot down what's available for school lunches that might not be readily obvious.  Sandwiches are always an option, so I don't bother to put them on the list. 

I learned the trick for creating an easy white-board when I was the teacher in study hall years ago and had to generate many seating charts:  use a vinyl sheet-protector and slide a sheet of paper in it. Use a dry-erase marker on it, just write and wipe like you would on a white board.  (I just looked at the package I bought - these things are called "document pockets" and they are side-loading, meant to be put in three-ring binders).

The second tip comes from my husband.  He made this visual by putting masking tape labels around the clock in our dining room to help Genevieve see what getting ready for school looks like. 

It dovetails with the unit on how to tell time she is doing at school.  The times don't correspond exactly with the reality of a school morning (there is no freakin' way it only takes my children 10 minutes to eat a meal - 10 hours is more like it), but it's been helpful to point to the clock and urge Genevieve on. 

One of the lovely things about vacation, actually, was ignoring the clock in the mornings and putzing around in our jammies.  We are trying to teach the children how to get into quick, efficient mode when it's called for (school mornings, apppointments, bedtime, etc.), but allowing them to linger and lollygag other times.


BLD in MT said...

That clock idea is brilliant and quite visually striking, too.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Wow.. what a great idea.. 'the plastic sleeve cover, as a white board" . This would be great to put on side of my refrigerator to post things we need... And the clock idea, would be great for kids.
You come up with the most amazing ideas... thanks for sharing.

Marcia said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks. What gems! I am so going to adopt both practices starting this week.

jenny_o said...

Your idea for a white board is very timely for us - ours fell off the fridge and, despite a lot of duct tape on the back, refuses to re-stick ... so, thank you :)

(I thought 10 minutes to eat was a miracle that I somehow never managed to produce with my kids when they were little - hah!)

Tracy said...

Your husband is a genius!