Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Eccentric Lime Room

The children's room is not "done", but I have pictures. 

To do yet:  move the freezer (long story) to the basement, create a desk space for each child, and get a nicer box for the dress-up clothes.  We had a delay with the electrician getting the proper outlet in the basement, but finally the freezer can go down and join the big freezer this week.

G's dresser top
I averted my camera from the messy desk pile and the freezer in the photos - let's dwell on pleasanter things. 

Below is a little clock made from a vintage children's book - the children are supposed to learn to tell time and stay in their room until 7 am at least.  The Bambi growth chart is from my little yellow room when I was a girl.

There are five windows in this room, all on the east wall, so it's a very bright, airy room. 

The bulletin board, hung at their height.

I've kept the mini-blinds on the windows for now because it's expensive to cover five windows and the light doesn't seem to be affecting the children's sleep.

Ben made his bed, the bottom, by himself.

Genevieve and Ben love their room.  They play in it a lot, so I briskly moved a bunch of toys up to the room.

The green room sees a lot of action. 

I'm working on taking pictures of my room to show you next.


Polly said...

I LOVE that limey color!!! What a bright and happy place for playing and living and toys and fun. I just love it...I really love children's rooms that are CHILDREN'S ROOMS, if that makes sense....places to explore and play and build. And that reminds me I need to post some photos of Finn's room soon--even though I'm still waiting on a couple things, too!

Jacinta said...

Looks like a great big room! I love that they share.
I finally organised the girls cupboards/clothes yesterday. Bought six coloured storage cubes for M's clothes and moved C's dresser into the cupboard. Now there is a big space to play in.
Kinda annoying when you're renting cause don't want to paint the walls... lamenting having our own home again. Some day... xo
Looking forward to seeing your sewing room soon.

Jennifer Jo said...

Five windows, wow! I love rooms with lots of airy light.

Anonymous said...

A happy, fun room even on a dreary day!

Unknown said...

We had a apple green room for one of our girls. And 3 crammed into a small bedroom for a while. Fun, but you just need lots of storage! :) Hang in there!

BLD in MT said...

Its looks awesome! So bright and comfortable--a perfect place to play and sleep! I love how you've customized it to them and the included memorabilia from your own childhood room is so sweet!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Good job Ben..Making your own bed..You are really a big boy to do this.. KNow your mom is proud of you...

Love the green color .So bright and pretty..