Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Dinner and Dark Days 10: Leg of Lamb

The thing about buying a whole animal for meat is that you must figure out how to cook its various parts.  I handled lamb chops and lamb stew easily, but leg of lamb intimidated me for over a year.

So I studied up.

I rubbed on herbs and poked in garlic slivers, mostly following Simply in Season.

When we came home from church, the house smelled wonderful. . . but the lamb was rather rare for my liking.  It was, thankfully, tender and flavorful.

I served it with mint jelly made specifically for this purpose; I was not a fan of the flavors together, but my husband and kids really liked it.  In fact, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the rest of that mint jelly.  Can't face it on toast in the morning or with peanut butter. . .

roast leg of lamb
mint jelly
baked potatoes with butter
steamed spinach with butter and lemon

Friday:put lamb in fridge to thaw
bring mint jelly up from basement - so pretty

Sunday morning:
rub lamb, set on timed bake
wash potatoes, place in oven as well

Sunday noon:
wash and steam spinach
set table
light candles because these are the dark days (I love that phrase, "dark days")

I divided the leftovers for the freezer in three ways: one bag of meat chunks, another bag of meat chunks plus a little bag of pan drippings (I'm thinking shepherd's pie), and the meaty bone for soup.

Specifically, dark days ingredients, all local and where noted, organic:  organic leg of lamb, organic garlic, organic potatoes, homemade mint jelly, spinach, butter


Rebecca said...

Ready to be grossed out? My mom made mint jelly when I was little and I loved it on buttered saltines. Or, frankly, with p.b. I know, I know. No discernment whatsoever.

You could stir it into hot tea to sweeten and mintify at the same time.

Jennifer Jo said...

What about mint jelly with cream cheese, sprinkled with hot pepper flakes, on crackers?

Margo said...

Here's the problem: the jelly is so aggressively minty it reminds me of alcohol.

So I already tried to make a jelly icing with it. It's basically meringue with jelly beaten in. I put it on chocolate cake. We all scraped it off.

G has requested it on morning toast - she'll be supplied for years.

I'll try your idea, JJ. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Mmmm, that lamb looks delicious! The whole meal sounds great (I'd not be able to handle the mint jelly either - I'd gravitate to cranberry instead.)

Deanna Beth said...

I really like Rebecca's idea with the tea. And if your family really liked it, I see no reason not to continue putting it on the table with lamb. You just don't have to use it.

Margo said...

DB, the problem is that I have way more jelly than lamb at this point. But my husband did point out that jelly will keep for a long time. . .

The Provincial Homemaker said...

May I suggest stirring it through youghurt to make a raita of sorts. Then just make some indian style fritters for dipping.

Sarah Barry said...

I'm thinking mint jelly over cream cheese like Jennifer said.

I love your table cloth and pretty candle. So simple and lovely.