Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When I Shall Have a Room of My Own

Renovations are underway in our house again.  Our house is complicated because it's a big house with three apartments.  We nip away at the second-floor apartment now and again, and add rooms to our own living space. 

The last nip, two years ago, brought us a big room, a balcony, and a little galley kitchen.  We finally figured out how to use the space.

Soon I will have a little workroom to myself!  I'll make it a sewing room, but also my desk space where I deal with the day-to-day finances of our household.

I'm excited, but I'd be untruthful if I didn't tell you that I hate the process.  I'm not very fond of changes to begin with, and when dirt and chaos are in the mix, I can be very cranky and yelly.  An orderly, peaceful house gives me deep serenity. 

But it's coming along nicely, thanks to my handy husband.  At this point, my contribution is picking up his household responsibilities so he can put that time into the renovation.  I'll keep you posted!


Jennifer Jo said...

How exciting! I want more pictures.

And how, exactly, do you add more rooms? Are you building on to the house?

simplicityinthemaking said...

That is exciting. Any renovation is. Wish some would happen around here!

Margo said...

JJ, no, we take rooms away from the 2nd floor apartment. It used to be a 2-bedroom apartment, and it's now a 1-bedroom. (I posted pictures of the apartment in a previous blog:

More pictures coming, although our side is mostly an unattractive mess right now.

beth said...

How exciting for YOU! I had a little work room for 9 months was WONDERFUL. Then the older kids came home and I had to give it up. ;)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Margo!!!! A work room all for you. How. very. lovely!! I can't wait to see it. But, yes, I understand your reaction to the noise and dust; I'm the same way.

Sarah Barry said...

What a NEAT project! You will love it once it's done. But oh, I know the stress of home renovations. I've been known to be very yelly during ours.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo, I am sooo excited for you.. to be getting your own sewing/office. What fun this will be.
I so understand ,how hard the renovation process is..Eeeeh, the mess is never ending . But in the end.. So worth it..
I love my sewing room,It's ALL mine.. It's where I think up my projects, where I spend alone time. I sew, craft, and think.ha
Look forward to seeing it, when you finish.. Enjoy..
ps hope your reflux is doing better, Said a prayer for you.

Deanna Beth said...

Yay for the Thrifts! Can't wait to see.

Polly said...

That really is exciting! A woman needs a room of her own! (Says she who has no room of her own, but would love one...)