Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On the Trail of the Quarter-Sheet

I was ripping up paper into quarter-sheets for scrap paper the other day and thought I would tell you about it.  I adore tiny little housekeeping details.

We use nice one-side-blank scrap paper in our computer printer. But if it's wrinkly or stapled, I tear it into quarter sheets to use as scrap paper. 

Recently, doing zone cleaning, I redded out a stash of old curricula that had been copied on one side only - hundreds of holepunched sheets.  I stacked them on the dining room buffet and every time I had a few minutes as I waited for a child to tell me a story or finish lunch or put on shoes or the million little scheduling gaps in a day, I would rip paper into scrap paper. 

My children try to do the ripping too, and it takes me back to my childhood to recally my envy of my tall mother and her skillful hands.

I keep scrap paper, pencils, and scissors at five locations in our house. I love having those tools at hand - we use them quite frequently.

Tell me about the trail of scrap paper at your house, please.


Mary Ann said...

I cut ours into thirds and keep a big stack on the fridge with one of those clip magnets. Great for lists!

Margo said...

oooh, that's a good idea! I have a cute list notepad right now, but it will soon be finished.

Miri said...

Lovely! My husband is an engineer and brings home the "ends" of the huge rolls of paper that for some reason won't feed into the plotters. We have craft paper and wrapping paper and everything paper from that. I too am a fan of little office-y things. Thank you for sharing.

sara said...

I must confess I'm a 'back of envelope user'...........all the post we get I save the envelopes and use them for note/list making. x

Margo said...

Miri, we've got that kind of paper too because my husband is an architect. The kids usually claim it for grand drawings and painting.

And Lily, I have a friend who reuses envelopes, but I just usually recycle them. I admire your thrift!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

How wonderful to know that other people save "scrap paper " too.. I thought I was the only one.ha.
I print things on my printer and the back sheet is always just a few lines and normally no good.. So, I cut the writing off the top, and cut the paper into 1/4 squares.. I have a can sitting on my desk ,in my sewing room. I store the paper in this can. And when I need to make notes , it is handy.
I must tell you about my can that holds the paper, My 11 yr old grandaughter, when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old, her mama was potty training her, she took an old peanut can [with a plastic lid on it,she cut a slot to make a piggy bank]. Everytime she pottied in her new potty, she got a coin to put in the new potty piggy bank..ha Well. over time, she took a book of her stickers and covered this can with stickers.. Once she learned to potty & forgot her potty piggy bank. I recovered it and it now has a special job holding my scrap paper, and every time I look at it. I think of Callie.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Lately, it seems, we've had very little scrap paper hanging about... which is frustrating when one needs to scribble something. In fact (gasp) I've even contemplated buying some. I think it's time to purge the children's art cabinet and quarter everything they no longer consider a masterpiece.