Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sorting the Canning Paraphernalia

My husband has collected several sets of cast-off kitchen cupboards for to use as basement canning storage.  This is great, but I just kept avoiding the organizing task because our basement is kind of a pit.

Today, finally, I sorted the marked, used lids from the new lids.  Each kind got its own drawer after I wiped out the grime.  I separated the canning rings and put them in their own box because there were too many for a drawer. 

I put all the empty jars together (broke the obligatory jar, too). Discovered a forgotten flat of canned salsa after I told my family last week that we had eaten the last jar. 

A very satisfying little sorting task to cross off my list. 

The sheets are almost dry on the line - just need to make beds, finish the sticky buns for breakfast, and then after a church event tonight, I should have time to sew.  Lovely


sk said...

Will you boil those has-been lids--the ones not spotted with rust or dinged along the edges--till the rubber plumps up? Then reuse them?

Margo said...

Well, my mom always reused lids for canning with no special treatment. I bowed to modernity and do not reuse canning lids for canning. However, I reuse lids on jars that hold leftovers or are going in the freezer.

Prior to your comment, I had not heard of plumping up the rubber. I'd like to hear more!

BLD in MT said...

Finding the forgotten cache of canned goods is such a delightful feeling! Hooray!

I've seriously pondered reusing flat lids. I know people that reuse all sorts of bottles and jars and flats without any issues. But, in the end I still haven't. Or like you I use them for freezer jars.