Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Well-Proportioned Root Beer Float

One can of root beer, 4 glasses, 4 scoops of neapolitan ice cream (as in, the 2" diameter scoops).

A sweet treat to end a summer meal.

Child-sized portions, slender-adult-sized portions too.

Sometimes, have a tall root beer float with a side of french fries and nothing else for dinner.  And eat greens and brown rice the rest of the day.  Well-proportioned!


Rebecca said...

I think "Well-proportioned" could be a new battle cry or theme song or embroidered moto. The concept has the potential to solve so many of our problems.

Deanna Beth said...

That is so restrained of you!

beth said...

That's my kind of meal. I love a good rootbeer float.

Amy said...

Yummmmmm. This looks so tasty.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Give me a well proportioned Coke float any day and I'll be a happy girl.