Friday, June 25, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This is the last day of Genevieve's swimming lessons.   She did so well! 

I used the lessons as motivation to finally sew with knits and made a swim cover up skirt. First I studied my copy of this book.  Then I cut two rectangles for a simple skirt.  I made a drawstring waist using an orphan shoestring in my stash, shirt tail hem on the bottom.  Genevieve really loves it (some of the flowers are PINK) and asks to wear it, so I'm pleased.

Her swimming lessons are so pleasurable for me, taking me back to my childhood and the jump into the chilly pool, suits and towels on the line, freckles coming out on cheeks, and the scent of long, wet, chlorinated hair. 


Jennifer Jo said...

I have three kids in swimming lessons this year. It's a lot, driving in to town ten mornings (and then we'll do another round so that will be twenty), but it's totally worth it. Such a valuable skill to know.

Margo said...

JJ, I agree! I didn't have to think twice about signing her up for swimming lessons. Other skill lessons - not so sure yet.

Laura said...

Nice job on the skirt! My kids never took formal swimming lessons, but we spent enough time at the lake when visiting grandparents that they've all become strong, confident swimmers. Great way to beat the summer heat.