Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bunk Beds

Not only had a bolt come loose on Ben's crib, he was showing signs of being ready for a big bed.

We laid plans for bunk beds.  After scouring ebay and Amazon, I found two sets of cotton sheets at Marshalls for $19.99 each, one with cars, one with fire trucks.  I gravitate towards plain, simple things, but for some reason, I outfit my children with patterned sheets.  Maybe it's my way of softening the jarring adult-ness of a big bed.  I also found the white cotton blanket for $4.99 at a thrift store.

My husband and I planned a trip to the nearest Ikea, only to discover that the cool bunkbeds were discontinued but still on the website. We had burned our bridges that morning by dissassembling the nursery, so we shrugged and bought what they had (for $150 - I do love Ikea prices!).

Now, a week or so later, I finally figured out how to manage the children's clothes in one dresser (by storing little-used clothing under the bed and hanging more things in the closet).  Saturday's work is washing and changing sheets, so when everything was made up, I took some pictures.  With Ben's help.

We still have to have a diaper system for Ben.  The dresser formerly sat under Genevieve's youth loft bed.
The diaper bag (what's that thing called?) came from a thrift store for less than a dollar; dirty laundry goes in the hanging bag beside it.  The hanger is from my father in law's childhood.
My Great Aunt Isabelle took a trip to "closed China" in the 1980s and visited the factory where this hanging pocket organizer was made.  It is hand appliqued with infinitesimal stitches.  I'm pleased to finally put it to use.  The mirror used to look great when the changing table was under it, but that dang glue frustrates all my efforts to get it off (not so fond of Ikea for that).

The clock hung in my childhood home in the kitchen.  One day my dad stuck the banana sticker in its center.
In my closet-poor old house, I use a high shelf in lieu of a linen closet.  The first quilt I ever made is the blue and pink one next to the bottom; I must photograph that one of these days For the Record.  I also bound and appliqued the wool blanket on top - also needs documenting For the Record. 

So far, the new bedroom setup is working fine.  Ben has proved to be less willing to stay in his bed than his older sister was at this age.   All his reasons for being up:
"I want nink, Mommy" [drink]
"bossom baby" [his dolly, the Blossom Baby]
"tow tuck book" [a book about tow trucks]
"I bump my head!"
"I poopy-pee!" [but he doesn't care about wet diapers or the potty during the day]
"Tuck me in, peese." [please]

Well, ok, sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

Darling room!
I've always called that bag-thing a Diaper Stacker, they are so handy, aren't they? I usually have one hanging on a crib or a changing dresser (hate the shelves on changing tables, I much prefer to have drawers!). In a storage-challenged home, they are great for holding burp cloths, hooded towels, blankets, and all manner of children's linens--but I'm sure you know that already.


Laura said...

That's a great boy's room! I miss the "nursery" days of my children so much, but maybe someday I will have a grandchildren's room...

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

The room looks great! I especially love that old electric clock. Bummer about the metal bunk beds being discontinued, but the ones you bought look very nice; I like the simple design and the warmth of the wood.

Now, stay in bed little boy!

Beth said...

Nice to have these big transitions handled - at least the furniture part of it! He'll come around about the staying in bed part. We just put CA in a bed a few months ago. She does pretty well now!

We have those bunk beds, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ditto Christian about the clock. Did you see Leila's thrifty find in her pantry? Much better than what was there before. It's red, even, to match her newly-painted stools.


A said...

I spy a licensed characterrrrrr...Sorry, couldn't help it. I guess if it was carried home from Closed China, it gives it a story worth owning.


Amy said...

A know a bigger bed is in our girl's future, but I just can't imagine it yet. I love what you did for Ben. Maybe a big girl bed won't be so bad.

Brother Dearest said...

HEY! you have the Chiquita Banana clock! I was just thinking of that thing the other day... Didn't that still hang on the wall, even after the kitchen remodel?

Margo said...

Brother, I can't imagine Mom allowing that. All I remember are geese everywhere. Holy 80s!