Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Week in Breakfasts (5.23.16)

two kinds of muffins from the freezer
fruit salad

We had been away all day Sunday, so I needed something super easy.  The fruit salad was a last-minute quickie to use up some odds and ends of home-canned pears, banana, orange, and defrosted blueberries.  I had bought a boatload of oranges for Ben's soccer game which was canceled due to rain.

cheesy bacon toasts
sliced oranges

I love these toasts because they are so simple and savory. I probably make them once a week since Jennifer put them on my radar.

defrosted pancakes + peanut butter + syrup
bananas or pears

Sometimes I have a pancake or two left from Saturday breakfast.  I stash them in a bag in the freezer, and when enough have accumulated, I heat them up in the oven in a covered casserole for breakfast.  My kids are confused because it's not Saturday, which cracks me up.

eggs scrambled with spinach and cheese
sliced oranges

I love the flavors of a spinach omelet, but my method is a quick hack for school mornings.  Put some washed spinach leaves in oil in a skillet.  Just when they are starting to wilt, stir, and then crack in some eggs.  Break up the eggs as you stir them around a bit, but I don't disturb them too much because I'm rooting around in the cheese drawer and making toast and waking up children.  Toss in some small chunks of cheese.  Gently give a flip or a stir, but I don't do any vigorous scrambling.  Remove from heat as soon as there are no runny bits left and before it browns.

avocado on toast - some of us had pepper jam, too
sliced oranges


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo, so happy I found your blog.. I lost it and couldn't remember the name.. Missed your post..ha
Baby has really adorable.. Love your breakfast menus..
Hope you and family are doing well. Judy

Lana said...

I have never heard of heating pancakes in a covered casserole. Do they taste close to fresh? Horrible to admit, but I throw them out since we just don't like them reheated.

Margo said...

Lana, I think they do taste fine and the texture is good. They get strange reheated in the microwave, I find. Another option for leftover pancakes is to eat them at room temperature with a spreading of jam.

Hazel said...

With 3 teenagers in the house, we never have any left over pancakes :)

Our breakfasts have got a bit repetitive recently- thanks for the inspiration.

Lana said...

Thanks for the reply Margo. I will try it!

Becky said...

These are great ideas - but with school out, I'm done trying to put together 'interesting' breakfasts for anyone. My husband and I are both pretty content to eat the same thing we've eaten every day since we were kids (raisin bran and oatmeal), but our girl likes to mix it up. Summer, she's kinda on her own though.

Totally cute pj's. I want a pair! or three....

Jenny said...

These are some neat ideas!

jenny_o said...

I second eating leftover pancakes at room temperature. Or even cold! They're sort of like a flat muffin. I also microwave them, using a low setting. It keeps them from getting tough.


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