Thursday, June 23, 2016

Front Porch Pots of Flowers and Herbs

The big pot has (deep breath) coleus, pink begonias, white begonias, Thai basil, marigolds, summer savory, and creeping Jenny.  

The two small pots have thyme and begonias.  

I love how they look, pretty and lush.  I snip the herbs and take them to the kitchen, and I coo at my pretty pots when I water them every morning.

The backyard gardening has more mixed results.  I've planted tomato plants again this year, hoping that a year's break means the soil is healthy again. However, one tomato plant already wilted dramatically overnight despite careful watering and care and a little googling makes me worried that our soil still has bacteria or fungus or maybe it's just that omnipresent, ominous black walnut tree in our yard.  I planted two cucumber plants for the first time ever and there are little baby cucumbers under the prickly leaves!  But the raspberries are puny.  But the backyard herbs are pert and the mint from friends is taking off.  


Jennifer Jo said...

Black walnut trees are a garden disaster.

Love your flower pots!

Alica said...

I've heard stories of black walnut tree trouble in regards to gardens. :( However...if it's blight in your soil, try spraying your tomatoes with liquid copper. I've never had luck with tomatoes until this year, and I'll use it every year from here on out!I'm pretty sure it's organic, if that's important to you!

BLD in MT said...

Oh, gardening, so many small trials and triumphs. Also, on a aesthetic note, I quite enjoyed "looking" down your street. The bricks and porches are so charming. Your plants look quite lovely! I bet the herbs taste especially lovely, too, I mean all that cooing has to help, right!

Becky said...

Those pots are lovely!

After years of battling the squirrels and now the herd of deer living in the back yard, I've given up on growing veggies here at the house and have planted all zinnias and cosmos instead. I'm a little excited about that. My community garden plot is coming along nicely, although gardening off site does have challenges.

MDiskin said...

I finally bought a soil test kit on Amazon. Super easy to use, and it helped me find proper amendments to boost the soil. (Compost wasn't enough.)