Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quaint Flannel Pajamas in Two Plaids

One of my favorite projects - private clothes that don't need to match anything else!  I needed pajamas because one of my pairs was literally falling apart (I wear my pajamas more than I will admit to), and I also needed to squeeze my stash into a smaller space, so I decided to make do with the flannel already in my stash.  Hence, I didn't have enough yardage for top and bottom to be the same.

However, I do like how these two plaids go together, and I am especially fond of the discreet lace trim on the collar and pockets and the mismatched milky-turquoise buttons (what is that color?  I adore that soft blue-turquoise color and it seems retro, like that jadeite green).

I used vintage 1960s Simplicity 4006 again.  I can still, surprisingly, wear these pajamas over my baby belly.


Jennifer Jo said...

Whenever you reference the baby, I have a moment of confusion. Example, "baby belly"---I was all like, She doesn't still have a baby belly! I've seen her and she was perfectly slender!

And then I remember and get excited.

johnnyjumpsup said...

Hi, in the UK we call the colour you describe 'duck egg'. Lovely pyjamas.

Rozy Lass said...

Great use of resources! I haven't had matching pj's for years.

Jan said...

I love the phrase 'private clothes'... it really sums the chilled relaxedness of a nice pair of PJs. Jx

Alica said...

I love flannel PJ's...and flannel sheets. This time of year I'm glad for anything flannel!

Judy said...

wonderful pj's.. Love that lace on the collars.And flannel is the best..
Also, wonderful that you got to use fabric from you stash.
Prayers for you and baby..

jenny_o said...

Flannellette is so cosy. But I am one of those people who warm up as they sleep, and I would roast in this fabric :( But I look longingly at it anyway - so soft, so fuzzy, so ... kitteny!

As for the colour of the buttons, it is hard to tell from the pictures - azure? aqua? Colours are such a source of beauty, aren't they? Or I am easily amused, maybe :)

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Love your pajamas. I almost always wear a nightdress but perhaps it is time for a change!


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