Saturday, January 3, 2015

"A Better World"

today's baking:  bagels and daily bread

". . .cut for yourself, if you will, a slice of bread that you have seen mysteriously rise and redouble and fall and fold under your hands.  It will smell better, and taste better, than you remembered anything could possibly taste or smell, and it will make you feel, for a time at least, newborn into a better world than this one often seems." - M.F.K. Fisher, How to Cook a Wolf, from the chapter "How to Rise Up Like New Bread"

Happy New Year to you all!  In this, the year of the baby, I resolve to eat, sleep, enjoy my family, and keep on baking bread.  The rest might have to wait its turn, depending on the nature of the baby and my mental state.  I maintain that the scent of fresh bread is one of the most heartening, comforting things in the world - may you find comfort and joy in your new year, whether you get it from new bread or elsewhere.


Tammy said...

Oh goodness, the title of the post makes sense after reading the quote, but it gave me a scare that your baby had been born into Heaven. I'm so thankful that that is not the case.

And on a bread note, I love homemade bread waaaay too much to make it very often! It's so irresistible!

kyleann33 said...

Happy New Year! I baked bread this weekend too, and as I was inhaling its warm comforting scent Nick looked at me like I'm crazy. I'm glad to know someone else enjoys the scent of fresh baked bread too!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year to you, Margo. I intend to make your mid-winter buns on Monday or Tuesday.

Mary Ann said...

What Tammy said!

Sounds like a good plan. Homemade bread is so yummy and smells so good!

Lana said...

I bake our bread in a Zojirushi bread machine twice a week and it still counts as homemade and tastes and a smells delicious! Today is bagel day. Zo makes the dough and I do the boiling and baking. It only takes 20 minutes of hands on work!

Anonymous said...

I made homemade bread today ..I too, love to smell it cook..Makes the whole house smell good. Praying for you and baby.Anxious to hear what it is?

Margo said...

Judy, the baby is a girl :) I've started some simple sewing for her.


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