Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ruffled Shorts from a Shirt

One Sunday evening, Genevieve still didn't have a pair of shorts in her drawer to go on a bike ride with Daddy.  So after she pulled a pair out of the dirty laundry and left, I sewed her yet another pair of free shorts.

She liked her knit pair so well that I looked for some more knit material in my stash.  And came across a knit shirt my husband had just given to me to cut up for rags (holes in the knit from the woven tag), but I set it aside because I don't need any more rags at the moment.

But someone small needed shorts.

what's left of the shirt

 Ergo. Shorts! With ruffles.  I stitched them down by machine first and then added, by hand, a running stitch in perle cotton in a darker shade of blue.  I did a Grandma Weaver on the pattern:  I eyeballed a scaled-down version from an adult pattern I have (this one).  It's only 2 pieces and goes together so quickly.

I should have taken a picture of the "tag" I put at the back, a little scrap of rainbow fabric cut with pinking shears.  It's so much easier to put on homemade garments if there's a loop of ribbon or fabric that stands in as a tag, immediately identifying the back.

something contentious - I forget what

The bonus:  since the shorts fit Genevieve so closely and are so soft, I am hoping they will serve nicely as bloomers under her school jumpers this fall and winter.  I need to start looking at school clothes soon so I can find the best price on needed items or allow time to make them.


Jennifer Jo said...

The shorts are great, but I found myself admiring YOUR dress even more. I have one that's quite similar and I love it (yours AND mine)!

Margo said...

Thank you! It's my favorite summer dress - it's homemade and I got it at a thrift store in college. When it wears out, I know I'm going to have to make another one!

Lisa said...

Yes, that dress is great, Margo! Nice work on the short, too.

beth said...

Love those little shorts! Cute. cute.

jenny_o said...

Those shorts are so cute. Your daughter is getting tall! It stands out more when she is next to an adult.

And I'm with the rest, love your dress. I'm very short and look overwhelmed by longer skirt and dress lengths, so I have to be content seeing them worn on other people. I end up in pants and shorts most of the time.

Julian said...

So very cute! Both the shorts and dress. And bare feet:).

Polly said...

Those are some sweet little shorts, and they look so comfy. Smart one, you are.

Polly said...

I forgot to say--my grandmother made A LOT of my clothes when I was growing up, and she always put a little bit of elastic as a tag at the back. All these years later, and I still keep those garments w/ that elastic tag....I love it.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

The shorts are adorable.. I love the ruffle around them. Just made them more adorable.[smart idea to put the fabric tag in the back, I do this too]

That dress is so cute.. When it is worn out,you will have to take it apart for a pattern?

BLD in MT said...

I bet they will make nice bloomers for cooler weather, too. I adore a multi-purpose garment. I also quite like that dress you're wearing! I should remember that about adding a "tag" as I completely know what you mean about finding the front/back!


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