Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beach Hats

We went to the beach.  I took my camera along, but I only got it out to take these photos:

And then we came home early because it was just raining raining raining and one day with movies and books and pesting each other was quite enough, thank you.  We had a lovely time and I am happily immersed back in my projects (lots more to blog about!).

But for now, I wanted to put the beach hats on The Record.

I made Genevieve's hat.  I am challenging myself to use up my scraps, so I worked entirely from my scrap boxes for this hat. 

See those two yarn embroidery pieces? They're from this bedspread and I'm so pleased to have them beautifully placed and out of my stash.

I love the colors of this hat, but it's a little wonky and Genevieve likes it only in theory.  At the beach, we relied on lots of sunscreen.

Ben's hat came from a family reunion auction (I explained them here - see the comments, too).  It is from his Great-Great-Aunt Helen's trip somewhere in the world.  How a grown lady's hat can fit my 5-year-old is beyond me, but look, it says "Shalom International"  and he is instantly hipster-cool!


Sew Blessed Maw said...

What adorable hats.. Love them.
sorry about all the rain.. Same thing happened to my daughter and family's vacation.. They went to the beach for a week.. They spent most of the time in the hotel room watching movies [since it was raining nearly every day!]..

jenny_o said...

How unfortunate about the rain, although it looks like biking took place in spite of it!

I love G's hat. You've a good eye for colours.


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